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Mining Pit


Collaboration Project for the film "Our House". The whole project took about half a year to complete. The project was done to show the effects that global warming is having on our world.

The part that I contributed to this shot was the overall compositing and the matte painting.

Programs I used:

Photoshop | Nuke

Winter of 2019



This matte painting was created in Photoshop and then composited in Nuke. The process for this shot was a bit different because this was a moving camera.

When I put the photoshop file into Nuke and then broke out the layers into cards, I made them face towards the camera that was taken from maya. When facing it, I was then able to animate each card to make it look more realistic, rather than it being stuck to the camera. After animating the cards, I had to animate a blur to make it look like the focus was moving as well.

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