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Collaboration Project for the film "Our House". The whole project took about half a year to complete. The project was done to show the effects that global warming is having on our world.

The part that I contributed to this shot was the overall compositing, the matte painting, and color correcting to the iceberg.

Programs I used:

Photoshop | Nuke

Winter of 2019



For this shot, the inspiration was to make the overall scene look dark and gloomy. it was to emphasize the fact that the iceberg was melting. 

The background was made to only bring focus towards the center object, that being the iceberg, and to take away from the background. The background still has thought put into it, the clouds still move and it is high resolution, but the purpose was to make the whole shot as realistic as possible.

The matte painting was made initially in photoshop with free to use images, then it was broken down into nuke. Within Nuke, I was able to move the cards with the clouds on it to make it look like the clouds were moving, I also color corrected the iceberg to make it look more like ice.

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