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Fracking Machines


Collaboration Project for the film "Our House". The whole project took about half a year to complete. The project was done to show the effects that global warming is having on our world.

The part that I contributed to this shot was the overall compositing, the matte painting, and the cleanup work done for the Fracking Machines.

Programs I used:

Photoshop | Nuke

Winter of 2019



For this shot, the matte painting was suppose to be more dramatic, yet still have that realistic theme to it. The idea was to have the fracking machines being illuminated by a sunset. The sky was suppose to have more of a sickly polluted feel to it. 


The Matte painting was done in photoshop, then moved into the Nuke document. The layers were then broken up into individual cards that were morphed to make the clouds move at a slower speed.

There was also clean up work that had to be done to the shot. The machines when rendered had a lot of noise coming off of the metal, so I used a roto paint node in Nuke to clone the pixels from a different part of the render.

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